Training Facility

A 18-24 month fellowship under the aegis of Indian Academy of Pediatrics is offered at this unit.

This training programme was the first of its kind to be started in the country by Dr.Sujata Sawhney who has a vision of creating a world class unit of excellence. This training programme was started in 2010 and the primary aim is to train Pediatricians interested in Pediatric Rheumatology to be dedicated career Pediatric Rheumatologists. There is a huge gap in the patient to doctor ratio as far as Pediatric rheumatology is concerned and this fellowship programme is a small start towards bridging that gap.

The intake for the fellow is done by an interview and is conducted once in 2 years.

Those interested for details can drop a line at

So far three fellows have successfully completed their training:

Dr.Manjari Agarwal: Dec 2010-Feb 2012
Dr.Mehul P.Jariwala: Aug 2012-Aug2014
Dr.Sumidha Mittal: Mar 2015-May 2016

Part time training/Observer posts: We currently do not have any structured observer post but we encourage young, bright people to come, work and learn and also enrich us from their experience.

Presently we have Dr.Caroline Freychet from Lyon,France who is here as a part time observer.